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Seven-year-old pageant participant Alana Thompson and her self-proclaimed redneck family are in talks to return to TLC for a second season of the reality series .According to a source, the Shannon Family – Thompson is currently in negotiations with the network and producers for a second season of the controversial show,Blog LabelsGreenLight enables developers and publishers to information and media about their play in an effort to convince community members that their game will post be released on Steam. The Steam community agrees on the games that they would like to see sold on Steam, and then they are like, it is a huge gaming reality show, without the slap – fighting.


NEWS: Valve Announces Steam Greenlight.

Show Boo Boo seeking big pay raise for Season 2TLC and Discovery chief Eileen O’Neill On Honey Boo Boo: ‘Some things are easy to pick on ‘This story first appeared in the 28 September issue of the Hollywood Reporter Magazine.A source says the cast – including Alana ‘s 17 – year-old sister, who recently gave birth to to her first child – is now calling for a $ 10,000-an – episode payday, but suggests another insider, the family most likely at land closer a $ 8,000 – to – follow close to salary after negotiations which which would double their season with a salary of $ 4,000 an episode and a possible integrated location fee, like The Hollywood Reporter, first). The show ends six-episode first season a one-hour a one-hour finale on September 26.Reeling with more than 80 features and short films while this year’s event, the sixth edition of the festival flash flash – popping red carpet event with Nicholas Jarecki guaranteed arbitrage, starring Richard Gere and Nate Parker, opening the shindig .

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