But there is some fire under the smoke about Sony s Culver City lot.

But there is some fire under the smoke about Sony ‘s Culver City lot .Adam Sandler 15 of his 15 of his last 18 films with the support of Sony Pictures. The studio production deal production deal with the comedy star since 2002 and stuck with him through hits such as 50 First Dates and Grown Ups and misses like Spanglish and Jack and Jill.

Sony has long been the second largest number of films per year among the Hollywood studios, behind Warner Bros. Sign of plans to bet movies with global blockbuster potential as the second Amazing Spider-Man and next year ‘s White House Down from 2012 director Roland Emmerich is great, Sony is not ready, as much as she are investing in the past on films with more demanding audiences.Comments filtered for language and registration is required the Times makes no guarantee remarks ‘ factual.


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In addition, the studio could shoot both sequels back-to-back.


It is not surprising, considering it planned at least one more sequel, when Fast Five was developed, and it sounds like a writer Chris Morgan has a different story to keep the franchise going cracked. And as Paul Walker and Vin Diesel, and their crew have caused a ridiculous amount of damage and quite a rap sheet built in North America, it’s probably time to conduct overseas.


However Statham get on the other side the road with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel drive is far from a done deal, so at this point consider it a rumor. He would already have an opponent though.Heat Vision reports Fox, the X – planned Men has. First Class continued to shoot in January, which allow shooting Lionsgate Catching Fire in August or September, as they would already planned Originally, the deal was for Lawrence to star in the hunger Games has an influence on Lawrence for seven months, which means they would not .

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Be able to star in other films during this time, but that was after several complaints from other studios dropped dropped With Lionsgate search for a new director for Catching Fire found, it sounds like the X – Men: First Class sequel have Lawrence employed after picking up a bow and arrow again.

Update: We have noticed a tweet of Laika where they respond to a question about picking up this project directly.


The only answer: Probably not. However, this was written almost a month ago, and much could have changed. We need to wait and see.The early 1920sg Harsh winter again at the Doug Liman ‘ Everest ‘ ScaleAfter a brutal winter in Gotham City as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, it looks like Tom Hardy is yet bitterly cold place, but at an even higher height.