Me and My Shadow Gets Great First PosterAlessandro Carloni.

‘ ‘Me and My Shadow ‘ Gets Great First PosterAlessandro Carloni, head of the History of How to Train Your Dragon will be his directorial debut with Me and My Shadow , which discloses once-secret world of shadows and their people do pendants Stan. , our hero shadow, yearns for an exciting life but happens with Stanley Grubb , a shy guy with an extreme aversion stuck with adventure.


When a crime in the shadowy world brings both their lives at risk, will Stan forced to stop taking control of Stanley and the shadow villain from a rebellion in the human world . Kate Hudson also lends her voice to the film, which is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 14, 2014.


Stay tuned for more casting information as it becomes available.

We have nothing to DreamWorks Animation belongs Me and My Shadow, an original story, hand-drawn, two-dimensional animation with three-dimensional computer animation mix since the beginning of the story follows Stan . A shadow And now we have for a more exciting life fastened as a timid man named Stanley Grubb . Suddenly, a crime in the shadow community sets both their lives at risk, and Stan is forced to take control of Stanley, they encounter both in an adventure with a shadowy villain who wants to lead a rebellion to take over the human world.


And now we have a first look at the most promising film about the first teaser poster. Check it out!Next April, Tina Fey and Steve Carell to be seen together on the big screen with their action comedy Date Night , but that does not mean that they do not need to worry about working again as THR reports the comedic duo loose starred in mail-order placed groom a comedy about a naive single woman who can not take love and ends with a man from Eastern Europe, brought him home to the good old United States. However , the time may do found for Fey and Carell flick soon, as they prove to be difficult given both busy .

Fey and Steve Carell Together Again for Mail-Order Groom – Both Carell and Fey have their their hit NBC comedy series ‘The Office’and ’30 Rock’.


Starring in starring in the series both have plenty of other tasks on their shows. Not only there is a small window for the recording, but the project does not even have a director yet, and a light rewrite still OK by Robert Carlock and Scott Silveri wrote based on an idea by Fey ‘s husband.

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So now this project has the potential, but also a long uphill to.


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Known but is the third person with Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde? There’s no word yet play play Law and there are some doubt as to whether he was in the film throw at all, but the trio of Law, Neeson and Wilde definitely has my attention -. Haggis talked about the film recently with Vulture, adding that wild party planner party planner and that the story will span three cities – New York, Paris and Rome.


Very weird way and brings together three different love stories.I know that we here before jumping because Iron Man 2 is half a year off is a pretty good story, even if it’s not necessarily something we have not heard.


Actor Faran Tahir, the Raza, the mysterious leader of the 10 rings playing in the first Iron Man was, from Moviefone UK recently for Star Trek interviewed . The interviewer says jokingly that he probably always asked to Mandarin and Iron Man 3, but the question still remains.