losing to break even.

I as a fan of these films are glad percent Here are the full legal terms you agree with this comment form . – connect in a summer that will fight universal Battleship approximately $ 100 million and its Snow White and the Huntsman , losing to break even, the studio desperately needs his $ 130 – million Bourne Legacy .


Unlike many successful series cerebral spy with with double and triple junctions filled strong reviews and robust participation by older moviegoers generally usually attracted the most big-budget summer fare. – During 2002, The Bourne Identity Doug Liman Doug Liman, Damon and Greengrass worked from 2004 The Bourne Supremacy and 2007 rated The Bourne Ultimatum , the latter of which the trilogy is best, the highest was grossing and the winner of three technical Oscars. Nobody, if Renner takes care of Mission Impossible, but he can not take BOURNE It’s just wrong, and please spare us the crap about it is another sign Bull If this film is a hit, Gilroy see Damon / Bourne again simply say no, people.

Matt Damon did not want to make another Jason Bourne movie, and not the director, Paul Greengrass , if your leading man and star have filmmaker was one of your most profitable series, the alternatives are not that great.Snow White and the Huntsman ‘ Sequel Getting Rid of Kristen Stewart?.


Before Snow White and the Huntsman in the movie theaters, was universal in already quickly moving back to a continuation of the floor with the filmmaker Rupert Sanders, the director’s chair was assumed that both Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth will return for the film, but in the wake of recent publicized affair between Stewart and Sanders, the actress will not be prompted again for the sequel. Meanwhile, it sounds like Sanders will be back, but the film will be redesigned as a spin-off that follow Hemsworth the hunter character but that means it happened a change behind the scenes .


However, considering the affair between Stewart and Sanders, it is a safe bet that will end up going either Stewart or Sanders I can not see how they this public again after this public debacle After all, it seems random. That day also brought the news that Universal just picked the forthcoming Dean Unkefer 90 Church Book: the True Story of the Narcotics Squad From Hell, the more May is released next year Sanders is attached to the film producer with Snow White.


Joe Roth and Palak Patel guided alongside Deborah Giarratana.

Paparazzi by Just Jared have our first look at Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan in the upcoming Disney Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The photograph comes from the set of the movie currently filming in Morocco with big hard Gyllenhaal holding hands with sweet Reese Witherspoon . If you have any doubts about this guy who had the role, this will finally those to rest! Not only did he look the part, but he’s ripped! If anything, it makes me excited about these images so much more, finally one of my favorite video games come to life on the big screen.

For post productionok: Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time!We have also recently announced that Prince of Persia was pushed back from next summer, 2010.


I heard some of the speculation focused on the fact that the production had some quirks have made, but it is obvious that this ahead further in full swing , and they end up with more than one year period for post-production. The first reaction to Gyllenhaal seemed to be quite negative. This photo has changed your mind?Of a manmith wants Wil Wheaton Drama in his new hockey? In May of this year, Kevin Smith revealed that it has a hockey drama / comedy, based on a song called Hit Somebody by Warren Zevon is based want to do .


As time has passed since May, he has started in the more and more in Q & As and online, and it may end up getting his very next project after the buddy cop comedy A Couple of Dicks, which he now editing is for Warner Brothers. Our friends at Collider recently excavated two updates on Hit Somebody, the first of a Huffington Post profile of Smith , the other from a random Twitter update from Smith as well. Read on for information about both! In the Huffington Post feature, when asked about what comes next, Smith said that while he has other things in the works , now I only a just a hockey movie.


Good news, because I see a sports – Smith Comedy want, and hockey is his strength, so why not! Hit Somebody tells the story of a man so far more than anything else wants to be in the NHL, but it’s only good for one thing: hitting people on the ice. the tone of it is comparable to going with a Forrest Gump sports film, but not so ambitious.

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Bring it on!

Of course I understand that the movie was meant to be more of a translation of the cheesy 80 of the cartoon series as a serious action movie, but the writing was just horrible to mention to mention the terribly low quality special effects which are not in a) to watch how this movie.