Susquehanna the Vasily Karasyov says a new central bank initiative may benefit some large U.

Susquehanna the Vasily Karasyov says a new central bank initiative may benefit some large U.S . Entertainment industry stocks more than others.

In entertainment conglomerates, continue continue holding gains. – The previous rounds of quantitative easing, an oversized positive impact on media stocks were the S & P 500 Media Index outperformed the broader market, Karasyov said.


Our analysis shows that QE3, aka QE Infinity, possibly. Not have a similarly broad positive impact, for at least the rest of the year 2012 We Viacom and Time Warner raise the QE infinity context shares upon relative multiples below the pre-recession levels compared to Disney and News Corp., which is now in line with 2007 before the ultimate clean financial crisis financial crisis and the recession a good point a good point of comparison, Karasyov said.


Provides the global effects of the latest round of stimulus is seen as a modest, a better chance of the diverging effects, he added. Said the analyst.


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